ACCESS, Paraguay 2015

On behalf of Inclusion International Inés E. de Escallón participated in the Third Congress of Inclusive Employment and  Corporate Social Responsibility “ACCESS” organized by Fundación Saraki, USAID and the International Labour Organization (ILO) on 17 and 18 August in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Introducing the Global Report on the right to decide for Persons with Intellectual Disability “Independent But Not Alone” to more than 700 participants from all over Paraguay, many of them with hearing, visual and intellectual disabilities, their organizations and government officials.  During these days presenters and participants were able to shared Achievements and Challenges for Paraguay and its citizens with disability on issues around Inclusive Education, Employment and the Right to Decide in regards to Persons with Disabilities and in particularly to those with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. Self-advocates shared their achievements and their advocacy work supported by Fundación Saraki.

We also had the opportunity to facilitate a dialogue with Rodrigo Jimenez of Costa Rica with about 50 family members and people with disabilities so that they could express their concerns and questions about the right to decide and the challenges it means for families and people with intellectual disabilities. The discussion showed that this issue requires further discussions and development in the Paraguayan context and culture.