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What is a Catalyst

A catalyst is an event or person(s) causing a change. Like a spark that starts a fire, a catalyst by formal definition is designed to increase the rate of a reaction. Catalyst for Inclusive Education aims to advance inclusive and quality education for all, by creating momentum globally to effectively include persons with intellectual disabilities.


In identifying country level projects that will be a part our efforts to advance the Catalyst for Inclusive Education initiative, our objective is to achieve: a balanced distribution of countries in terms of geographic regions; countries that can realistically fulfill the targets specified; and, countries that can contribute expertise and innovation to an international community of practice.

Types of Initiatives:

  • Short term Expert Consultations (examples: legal opinion; policy review; one time workshops, trainings)
  • Technical Advisory Support (example: CIE provides technical support to existing project run by country level partners)
  • CIE Country Projects (Multi-year projects funded and managed through CIE)

Initial identification of projects for participation in the initiative will be guided by the following criteria:

  • The family-based organization is a member of Inclusion International or has capacity and timely intention to become a member;
  • The country level member of Inclusion International has a commitment to inclusive education as a priority issue;
  • There are opportunities for the member to work with government and/or other partners to advance inclusive education (a policy commitment; projects in development, etc.); and,
  • Together with Inclusion International, the member is able to leverage funds and/or secure financial support for technical expertise.

Expressions of Interest  have been received from Canada, USA, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, India, Macedonia, Nepal, and Australia.

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