ENAID has been registered and licensed by the agency as an Ethiopian Residents Society. ENAID is an indigenous, non-profit making and parental association which has been working on awareness rising and advocacy regarding intellectual disabilities, livelihood programs and other social issues like HIV/AIDS and reproductive health, educational exposure for the children and youth, physiotherapy for the youth who also have physical disabilities and providing vocational training for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Vision:- ENAID aspires to see a society fairer and inclusive in all aspects of development for persons with intellectual disability

Mission:- ENAID strives to improve their socio- economic status of person with intellectual disability by actively involving their parents in collaboration with stake holders

Goal:- The overall goal of ENAID is to contribute to the national effort in creating to improve the social–economic situation of persons with intellectual disability by empowering with education and making them self supporting.
Ethiopian National Association on Intellectual Disabilities – ENAID
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia