Inclusion Inter-Americana

inclusion-interamericanaFounded in 1991 to promote the interests of people with disabilities, primarily with intellectual disabilities in the American continent, regardless of nationality, race or religion, providing to them and by all means, appropriate services and supports to achieve a better quality of life in every way.

Inclusion Inter-Americana Council

  • Cargo: Ex Presidente – Gordon Porter (Canadá)
  • Cargo: Asesor – Michael Bach (Canadá)
  • Cargo: Vicepresidenta – Rosario de Córdova (Panamá)
  • Cargo: Secretaria – Felicia González (Chile)
  • Cargo: Tesorera – Gabriela de Burban (Guatemala)


  • Ana Teresa Ramírez (Ecuador)
  • Gerardo Mejía Baltodano (Nicaragua)
  • Haydeé Beckles Autogestora, representante IIA (Panamá)
  • Eduardo Barbosa (Brasil)

 Download the full Executive Report (in Spanish only)


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