Inclusion International membership review

Over the last year the membership review team consulted with 42 organizations and 5 individuals through interviews and surveys in order to better understand how they perceive their membership in II, its value and their contributions to the international network.  The results of these consultations are captured in the report provided by Richard Bennett to the II Council (October 24, 2012) and II’s General Assembly (October 28, 2012).

Several important directions have emerged from our consultations with members:

There is clear sense that members would like to see II, its regions and its national members working as one network in a coordinated and coherent way;

There is general agreement to opening up membership to allow for more than one member per country and an expanded criteria for membership (might include individuals, academic/research organizations or service providers).  While a new membership structure will broaden the base of II membership it will also ensure that families and self-advocates remain at the core of the Inclusion International .

Eventually in each region we want the II membership and membership in the regional group to coincide. This will mean developing strategies to align constitutional and governance structures.

Members in each region will pay one fee that is collected by the regional group or II and then a portioned between the two levels. The aim is to ensure that members pay one fee to be part of the network but that there is no loss of fee income.

The workplans of II and the regional bodies should be aligned, coordinated and in some cases consolidated.

As follow up to the decisions made by the GA in Washington, two processes have been put in place:

1)      A working group chaired by Fadia Farah, Vice-President,  is developing a statement of unity and a membership proposition in order to ensure that the core purpose of the network is clear and shared by all and to articulate II’s responsibilities to its members and their commitment to the network . Drafts of these statements will be circulated and used as a basis for consultations with membership organizations over the next year.

2)      A working group lead by Tim Gadd, Treasurer, will develop some alternative proposals regarding the membership structure and a corresponding fee structure to be shared for consultations in the coming months.

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