International Disability Association of Lesotho

IDAL_Logo_Main_ONLITEThe Intellectual Disability Association of Lesotho (IDAL), formerly named LSMHP, was founded in 1992 by parents of children with Intellectual disabilities.  It aims to represent and protect the rights of children with disabilities including severe or multiple disability and individuals of all ages with intellectual disability through the empowerment of parents and youth.  IDAL operates in 21 branches in 8 districts of the country with a membership of 2,000 individuals.

IDAL uses a community based approach to provide parents, carers and individuals with the support, training and knowledge needed to live and engage in their own community.

IDAL advocacy work is on the four key areas of education, health, protection and employment.


Government House 72 (behind Assemblies of God Church)
Stadium Area
Maseru 100