Making cross-disability training inclusive

David presentingSince 2011, Inclusion International has been supporting the International Disability Alliance (IDA) to develop and deliver an inclusive cross-disability training focused on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Inclusion International has ensured that self-advocates and families were included in each of the pilot stages of the training.

Most recently, Inclusion International council member, Nagase Osamu helped co-facilitate a training in March 2016, in Bangkok. David Corner, with support from Julia Hawkins, presented at the training and four self-advocates, Ms. Payanart Sukjaroen and Ms. Phacharin Sujaritwatanasak, of Daoru Ang from Thailand, and Ms. Saw Myintzu and Ms. The Sue Moe, self-advocates of Future Stars group from Myanmar, took part in the training. The participation of self-advocates contributed to the success of the overall training. By making the workshop more inclusive and more participatory, including for self-advocates, the workshop became more effective.

In early April, 2016, Inclusion International supported Fatma Wangare from Kenya to participate in a training for trainers. Inclusion Internaitonal’s participation and the development of leaders from our community will help to ensure the continued inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in the training.