Meeting our new member Inclusion China

By Klaus Lachwitz, President Inclusion International

On Sept 13 and 14 during my stay in Beijing I met with representatives from Rong Ai Rong Le and Inclusion China (IC) together with Nagase, II’s past Council member for Asia Pacific.

We were delighted to be able to welcome Inclusion China in person as new members of Inclusion International. IC and Rong Ai Rong Le were represented by Ms Tong Shen, trustee and member of the Board of Rong Ai Rong Le, Ms. Lu Juan, Inclusion China’s Deputy Secretary General and Christine, Inclusion China’s Communication and Advocacy Manager.

IC has developed in a remarkable way. Rong Ai Rong Le, which was one of IC’s founders, helped to establish new groups of parents, families and self -advocates not only in Beijing and its suburbs but in many provinces of China. Today it consists of 72 branches situated in 2/3rds of all provinces of China. Their mission is to give persons with intellectual disabilities and their families a voice and to help build up inclusive services.

One of the main activities of IC is in the field of employment. We learned that IC is building up a best buddy system in all provinces where it is situated. On Sept. 14 Nagase and I were invited by IC to visit a restaurant in the Old City of Beijing that employs two self-advocates under regular employment contracts.

Inclusion China has also been working on promoting inclusive education. In early March they made a proposal to the National People’s Congress (the highest authority of the China government) about the need for trainning teachers to deliver an effective implementation of inclusive education in China. The proposal was submiteed by 6 representatives of the congress and reported by more than 300 media. As soon as a resolutions is adopted and translated into English they will share it with us.

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