Plena Inclusión prepares to participate and influence the State Pact for Education.

On February 7, 2017 Inclusion International member from Spain, Plena Inclusion held a workshop ¨TALLER PARA UN PACTO DE ESTADO SOBRE EDUCACIÓN INCLUSIVA QUE NO DEJE A NADIE ATRÁS¨ (For a State covenant on Inclusive Education that does not leave anyone behind), with the participation of students, families, professionals, etc.

Their aim is to generate consensus on fundamental issues and to collectively with many write a  proposal that  includes the these ideas in a shared common document to mobilize what they consider very important to be part of the State Covenant in moving inclusive education forward in Spain.

During its presentaiton Inclusion International (II):

  • talked about their position in the General Observation on Inclusive Education.
  • described the work they are planning on doing in the area of Inclusive Education in the coming years, using a Platform for Advocacy and the Catalysts for Inclusive Education project;
  • shared the priority messages for II on Education;
  • showed how II influenced the General Comment 4 on Inclusive Education and
  • highlighted the Value and Possibilities that the General Comment 4 can have for the work that Plena Inclusión is doing.

Participants asked 5 questions that raised critical issues. They wanted to know:

  1. II position on the importance that the General Comment did not recommend transforming special schools as resource centres for inclusive education.
  2. What will the role of special teachers be when special schools close
  3. Are there country experiences from which one could learn in the above issues
  4. If taking a student to a separate class for a few hours goes against Inclusive Education and if in New Brunswick they take kids with disability out of regular classes at least for part of the day
  5. When parents do not want IE do their wish prevail over the interest of the student?
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