Shaping the Future: programme highlights for inclusion from around the world are coming together for Shaping the Future, our international forum and national convention being co-hosted with the Arc of the United States in Orlando, Florida 27 – 29 October 2016.

We want to help you be part of something big! Join us to be part of leading edge discussions on hot topics and issues that are important to people with intellectual disabilities and their families:

  • Inclusive education – inclusive education has been identified as the key for breaking down barriers of inclusion. What does it mean to us? How do we build it? What do individuals, families, teachers and communities need to be successful?
  • Employment – real and meaningful employment is a defining feature of adulthood. Supported employment, entrepreneurialism and employment partnership efforts are helping to breakdown barriers in the labour market. How can these efforts work in your community?
  • Inclusive communities – how do we transform traditional supports and services to help people have choice and control? What are informal supports and how do they strengthen inclusion?
  • Access to justice – people with intellectual disabilities, in particular children, experience higher rates of violence than people without disabilities. What are we doing about this? How do we protect and empower people?
  • Inclusive development – In 2015 heads of state adopted an ambitious new global agenda. Can the 2030 Agenda deliver on its promise to leave no one behind?
  • Political participation – elections and the right to vote are cornerstones of our communities. How do we make sure political participation is inclusive and political leaders are informed by and responsive to the priorities of people with intellectual disabilities and their families?
  • Assisted dying laws – assisted dying laws are an emerging concern around the world. Should they be stopped? Can safeguards ever be sufficiently effective to protect people with intellectual disabilities?
  • Building leaders for inclusion – we are a movement for change. How do we build self-advocacy and family leadership that is relevant, vibrant and progressive?

We hope you will join us in Orlando to be part of something big and something exciting; something that celebrates the successes we’ve had and defines solutions for the challenges that persist.  Be part of our future. Together we are stronger. We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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