Submission to UK Parliamentary Committee on International Development

Inclusion International submitted a brief to the UK Parliamentary Committee on International Development’s inquiry into Disability and Development.  The brief focused specifically on people with intellectual disabilities.

The brief commented on:

  • Shifting from inclusion in development to inclusive development
  • Ensuring inclusive investment of funds
  • Connecting progressive policy efforts to progressive programming efforts
  • Supporting the representation of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

The report made the following recommendations for action to enhance inclusive development.

    • Strengthen the capacity of organizations of families and people with intellectual disabilities to:
      • Inform public policy approaches to support inclusion (i.e. education, employment etc)
      • Effectively engage in policy dialogues on economic development and planning (i.e. PRSPs)
      • Enhance participation in broad based democratic processes.
    • Invest in strategies and processes that build social capital.  This means shifting from “consultation processes” to inclusive and meaningful processes that produce innovation, trust and social capital.
    • Commit to ensuring no DFID investments are used to build or make capital investments in institutions nor to promote the institutionalization of people with disabilities.
    • Monitor multilateral and bilateral investments in:
      •  education to ensure that they are inclusive of children with intellectual disabilities; support inclusive education teacher training, providing teachers with the resources and knowledge to teach all students; and, contributing to knowledge about both policy and practice for inclusive schooling.
      • programmes to ensure they are consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
    • Invest in developing the institutional capacity of countries to adequately monitor programmes that promote inclusion – including education ministries and other ministries supporting the delivery of supports, services and programmes to people with disabilities.
    • Call for a post-2015 development agenda that is truly inclusive of people with intellectual disabilities and their families; incorporates inclusion as a foundational philosophy, and, contains explicit indicators of inclusion.

Read the full submission (pdf)

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