Submission to the CRPD Committee of Experts on The General Comment on Article 12

The issue of legalcapacity and the right to make decisions about our own lives is a fundamentally important issue to our members and regional groups.  The Committee will receive submission from our regional groups which reflect their particular perspective and issues and from national member organizations in different regions. These submissions will reflect the vibrant discourse that is underway throughout our movement on theimportance of Article 12.

Inclusion International`s Global Campaign on the Right to Decide (which will culminate in a Global Report on the Right to Decide) has highlighted the need to raise awareness by governments and by communities that Article 12 must be understood as a crosscutting commitment which impacts on the implementation of all aspects of the Convention. Without it people with intellectual disabilities will be excluded from exercising the other rights articulated in the Convention.

This submission by Inclusion International reflects some of the priority issues raised by our members and is an attempt to summarize the feedback received on the Draft General Comment on Article 12…. read the full submission

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