Strategic Plan

Arabic translation of Strategic plan (pdf)


A world where people with intellectual disabilities and their families can equally participate and be valued in all aspects of community life.

Mission Statement

Inclusion International will advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities into their communities, as valued neighbours and citizens.

Strategic Priorities

Inclusion International will pursue four strategic priorities to fulfill its vision, mission and guiding principles:

Strategic Priority 1: Promote the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

Through its membership, Inclusion International will promote and support the implementation of the CRPD in key priority areas that will achieve real and lasting change in societies for people with an intellectual disability and their families.

  • Goal 1: Member Support – support members to contribute to their country’s national initiatives in implementing the CRPD.
  • Goal 2: Knowledge Sharing – promote the exchange of experiences, resources and practices among Inclusion International’s members, partners and networks.
  • Goal 3: Research & Monitoring – establish an international research and monitoring capacity in each of the CRPD priority areas.
  • Goal 4: Partnership Building – develop a thriving and diverse network of families, researchers, civil society organizations, governments and international institutions on disability and inclusion.
  • Goal 5: Policy Development and Engagement – work with Governments, international agencies and civil society to develop and promote inclusive policy that ensures the implementation of the CRPD.


Strategic Priority 2: Authoritative & Representative Voice

Build and support a strong membership network that represents the interests of people with an intellectual disability and their families throughout the world and by so doing be widely recognised as an authoritative and representative voice on all issues affecting people with an intellectual disability.

Strategic Priority 3: Capacity

Ensure stable and sustainable revenue that can be applied to strengthening internal capacity and capability and enhances Inclusion International’s ability to respond to its strategic priorities and the expectations of members.

Strategic Priority 4: Membership

Strengthen, develop and increase the membership base and regional structures to help ensure wider involvement by membership in achieving the strategic priorities and activities of Inclusion International.
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