15th World Congress

world congress logo 2010Transforming Rights into Action.15th World Congress of Inclusion International on 16–19 June 2010, Berlin

The Congress welcomed 2700 participants from 80 countries including 850 self-advocates, family members, policy makers, professionals and friends. They  came together to learn about the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities and their families throughout their lives. The aim was to indentify how we can achieve improvements using the UN Convention. It focused on:

  • The right of disabled people to make decisions for themselves.
  • The right to be included in the community.
  • The right to inclusive education.
  • The right of families to get the support they need.
  • The right to live without poverty and discrimination.

Some of the sessions and events have been documented through the following online sources:

Session reports: www.e-include.eu/articles

Sessions presentations:  http://www.lebenshilfe.de/wDeutsch/ueber_uns/weltkongress-2010/dokumentation/16-06-2010/index-en.php

Photos:  www.flickr.com/inclusion2010

Videos: www.youtube.com/inclusion2010