HRW report on access to education for children with disabilities in Lebanon

Human Rights Watch has launched a new report and video on barriers to education for children with disabilities in Lebanon.

The report talks about thousands of children with disabilities who are systematically excluded from the education system in Lebanon. Schools routinely deny admission to children with disabilities, discriminating against them and violating Lebanese and international law. For those who manage to enroll, most schools do not take reasonable steps to provide them with a quality education. Instead, several thousand children with disabilities attend institutions, which are not mandated to provide an education, so these children receive little if any education at all

Inclusion International former Vice President, Fadia Fara attended HRW’s press conference in Lebanon and made an intervention about children with intellectual disabilities and their families.

She said:

“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that when we talk about inclusive education, this means that the state will make all the changes necessary for all children to go to school, including children with intellectual disabilities.

For successful inclusive education, families need to be part of the inclusive schooling process from beginning to end, because the family is the only stable element in the life of a person with an intellectual disability.”

Human Rights Watch are calling on the donors and the government to ensure that these investments reach ALL children, including children with disabilities. They are calling on the Lebanon government to strengthen teacher training, revise the curriculum, raise awareness about the right to education, improve data collection and move away from a segregated system of schools and institutions to an inclusive approach.