4th European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities

Inclusion International President, Klaus Lachwitz

On Dec. 6 I took part in the 4th European Parliament of Persons with disabilities in the European Parliament Brussels. It was an amazing session with 700 persons with disabilities from all over Europe. The first and the most important topic was the right to vote. Several self – advocates spoke up and reported that there are still about 10 countries within the EU which do not allow persons with intellectual disabilities to take part in elections. A, manifesto, therefore was adopted unanimous claiming that all persons with disabilities should be entitled to vote on the occasion of the next European Parliament elections in 2019. It was a big success as the meeting was really dominated by persons with intellectual disabilities, including our Self-advocate Council members.

Inclusion Europe President Maureen Piggot chaired a session on the right to vote and reflected on the significance of the day

I’m delighted that out of 800 delegates 200 have an intellectual disability. They have been one of the most excluded people.”