2nd International Symposium on Inclusive Education

Organised by te National Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of Argentina, with UNICEF on October 22 in  Buenos Aires.

The purpose of this gathering was to promote inclusive education and strengthen the policies and practices towards inclusive education in the country. Teachers, headmasters and supervisors, administrators and other members of the education system from all over the country attended the conference.

Diane Richler Chair, Chair of Catalyst for Inclusive Education and representatives from our member organisation in Argentina, Juan Cobeñas and Elena Dal Bó were invited to share their knwoledge and experiences.

Diane Richler participated via video conference addressed the challenges faced to implement the major changes needed to create a new education system and provided plenty of inspiring ideas and arguments that set the ground for further reflection on the shift to new beliefs and values necessary to build an inclusive education system.

Juan Cobeñas of Asociación Azul,presented his experiences as a student with disabilities excluded form special education in the early ‘90s, who could be accepted at mainstream school after getting education at home. He stressed the importance of having adequate supports in place. He also spoke about the importance of teachers’ beliefs and deep convictions about the students’ rights, as they are undoubtedly perceived by the student, becoming the best input to build a successful experience.

Elena Dal Bó, of Asociación Azul and representative of The Americas in Inclusion International Council, spoke about the experiences of families. She highlighted the importance of building strong organizations of persons with disabilities and families advocating for Inclusion, well connected with national, regional and international networks. She referred to the experience in Argentina where these organizations are listened by the authorities and invited to participate in the drafting of regulations and other documents.

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