A Global Agenda for Inclusive Recovery

During the pandemic, our network has been united in our calls for a more inclusive response to COVID-19.

Around the world, we have shared the same demands to our governments and pushed for inclusion in the key areas that are important to our network – accessibility, family support, education, employment, and more.

From the beginning of the pandemic, our members came together as a network to work together across organizations. They learned from each other, shared strategies, and developed common messages for COVID-19 advocacy, both within their regions and across the globe.

Our members worked together to share the same goal for our advocacy, all while responding directly to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their families and advocating to their governments. A Global Agenda for Inclusive Recovery: Ensuring People with Intellectual Disabilities and Families are Included in a Post-COVID World brings together this shared goal.

This report draws from the experiences and the advocacy of our members around the world, and links the priorities of our members around the world to create a single agenda for real change after COVID-19.