About Self-Advocacy

self advocateWhat is Self Advocacy?

Self advocacy is about people with intellectual disabilities:

  • Speaking up for themselves
  • Making their own decisions

What do self advocates do?

  • They speak up for themselves
  • They speak up for others
  • They ask for support when they need it
  • They make sure they have a say in decisions that affect them
  • They ask questions and learn new skills

How can people support self advocates?

People can support self advocates by:

  • Using information that makes sense to the self advocate
  • Making sure that self advocates get to have a say
  • Involve them in decisions and listen to what they have to say
  • Give self advocates time to make decisions
  • Understand that it’s okay for self advocates to make mistakes and support them to learn from them

How does Inclusion International support Self Advocacy?

Inclusion International has been supporting people with intellectual disabilities for over 50 years. Inclusion International support self advocates by:

  • Including self advocates on the Inclusion International Council
  • Listening to what self advocates have to say
  • Making sure that Inclusion International’s goals and projects supports self advocates
  • Supporting self advocates from all over the world to meet together and talk about issues that are important to them
  • Supporting self advocates to be leaders in issues that affect people with intellectual disability around the world.