Act on the Elimination of Disability Discrimination in Japan

By Nagase Osamu

japanOn 19 June 2013, the Diet (Parliament) in Japan passed the Act on the Elimination of Disability Discrimination, banning the direct discrimination and obligating the provision of reasonable accommodation, as a final harmonization measure for the CRPD.

It is expected that this will bring Japan to the ratification of the CRPD at last and hopefully at the treaty event immediately after the High Level Meeting on Disability and Development (HLMDD) in September 2013.

Inclusion Japan, as a member of Japan Disability Forum, strongly supported this essential piece of legislation to prohibit disability-based discrimination.

This is a result of hard work of so many people and certainly a step forward but we are very much aware that the journey to the top of Mt. Fuji (full implementation of the CRPD) has just began.

Photo: Street demonstration in Tokyo supporting this Act. Extreme left is Ms. Uehara Akiko, President of Inclusion Tokyo and Vice President of Inclusion Japan.