Advancement of the UN CRPD through the 2030 Agenda

22-24 October, 2015: Sao Paulo Brasil

Advancement of the UN CRPD through the 2030 Agenda

Participants from several Latin American representing Inclusion International joined some of the discussions in the IDA Conference Advancement of the UN CRPD through the 2030 Agenda: No-one Left Behind: Towards Implementation in Latin America Organized by IDA.

The Conference fostered Regional Dialogue to Develop Common Understanding on Implementation of the UN CRPD and an Inclusive and sustainable 2030 Agenda. Participants of the Conference were provided with information that addressed the challenges for Civil Society Organizations as the 2030 Agenda sets up the investment priorities from government and funders always linking this to the implementation of the UN CRPD in Latin America.

During the Conference the Sao Paulo Political Declaration (Declaracion en Español) and Plan of Action was adopted on Advancement of the UN CRPD through the 2030 Agenda. Inclusion International representatives Raquel Jelinek and Fatma Wangari participated in the committee that drafted the Declaration and made sure families were identified as fundamental partners and allies in the agenda.

Youth Workshop: Nuevas Voces, Nuevos Desafíos

A Youth Workshop Nuevas Voces, Nuevos Desafíos was organised by iiDi, IDA and UNICEF. The workshop dealt with children, adolescents and youth facing the 2030 agenda on sustainable and inclusive development. The event was attended by participants from  the following Latin American countries representing II: Argentina (REDI), Chile (Lideres con Mil Capacidades), Uruguay (INSTITUTO INTERAMERICANO SOBRE DISCAPACIDAD Y DESARROLLO INCLUSIVO-iiDi META), Paraguay (Fundacion Saraki , Ecuador (FEPAPDEM), Mexico (CONFE) and Colombia (ASDOWN)

Inclusion International’s contributiton to the Conference

Raquel Jelinek President of Inclusion Interamericana presented  in the Panel: From Needs to Rights: Implementing the UN CRPD at the Regional Level, Particularly in Latin America The status of CRPD implementation in Latin America with a case study of Peru.

During the thematic workshops, where themes relevant to the CRPD and 2030 were addressed and good practices shared, Inclusion International highlighted its work and the work of its members in key priority areas.

During the parallel thematic workshop on Education, Klaus Lachwitz President of Inclusion International presented IDA’s position paper on Art 24 which is being discussed by the UN Commission to analyze and guide the meaning and implications of Inclusive Education as it stands in Art 24.

Maria Camila Lozano a self-advocate from Asdown Colombia presented on the thematic workshop on Women and Girls with Disabilities. Her participation was based on the Interamerican Human Rights Commission on woman’s with disability and reproductive Rights

Ines E. de Escallon, II’s regional Coordinator, facilitated the workshop Living Independently and being Included in the Community: Implementation of Article 19 in Latin America and beyond: a review of the UNPRPD project in Mexico on support to children with disabilities and their families, as well as best practices from abroad.

Jose Miguel Salas Avendaño a self-advocate from Lideres con Mil Capacidades form Chile attended the event in representation of II. He talked about his personal experience of living independently in the community.  Also presenting in that sesssion were: Vanessa Maya, UN Country Team, Mexico talked about the UNPRPD Mexico project on support to children with disabilities and their families ;Latoa Halatau and Tewai Halatau shared their work in New Zealand and Gabor Gombos, World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry talked about understanding psychosocial dissabilities and about the challenges faced by people with psychosocial disabilities.