African Leaders Forum on Intellectual Disability

Diane Richler and Shikuku Obosi are in Malawi to attend the Leaders Forum on Intellectual Disability.  Shikuku was invited to represent Inclusion Africa and Diane as the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. International Fellow.

At the Forum, sponsored by the Special Olympics, Malawi’s President Banda said she will be encouraging other African Heads of State to join with her in promoting the rights of people with intellectual disabilities who were recognized at the Forum as being an under-recognized group requiring assistance.

Dr. Richard Nchabi Kamwi, Minister of Health and Social Services of Namibia discarded his prepared remarks and spoke as the parent of a 22 year old daughter who has significant disabilities. His daughter does not use words but going to school learned to sign and now can communicate with her family and others.

While they are in Malawi, Shikuku and Diane will be meeting with PODCAM members to conduct focus groups for the Right to Decide Campaign.