APAE DE SÃO PAULO Seminar on Legal Capacity & Supported Decision Making

Latin-American countries face the big challenge of transforming the decision-making of persons with disability, by acknowledging their legal capacity.

This is what the International Seminar of Legal Capacity and Supported Decision Making was about. The event took place on September 20th and 21st in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was organized by Inclusion International member in Brasil APAE DE SÃO PAULO, the Institute and the Center of Technology and Innovation and supported by Inclusion International.

Experts from all over America participated and presented their recommendations for implementing a new perspective on legal capacity and supported decision making, directed to families and organizations that work with disabled people, governmental bodies and academics.

The speeches addressed the strategies and best practices that have been strengthened in recent experiences and were presented by Amita Dhanda (India), Tina Minkowitz (USA), Andrea Parra (Colombia), Carlos Ríos (Mexico) and Michael Bach (USA).

Mónica Cortés, from Asdown Colombia, member of Inclusion International, shared the advances on the implementation of a pilot project for building support systems for decision making and community life. This project has been developed for 4 years in Colombia, in alliance with PAIIS (Action Program for Equality and Social Inclusion of the Universidad de los Andes) and the Community Mental Health Node, with the support of Open Society Foundation.

Asdown Colombia’s participation at this event also provided an opportunity for a visit to the headquarters of our members in Brasil APAE DE SÃO PAULO to exchange knowledge about the work with families and self-advocates, their training and participation exercises in different national and international settings.