Full members, led by self-advocates and/or families, are the core of our membership and play a key role in the governance of the network.

As a full member you will have a say and help to set the direction of the global netowrk by:

  • Taking part and voting on important issues at our General Assembly (e.g. Election of Officers and Council members, strategic plan, new members, etc.)
  • Nominating Regional Representatives to be part of the Inclusion International Council. They can also be part of our Committees and working teams (e.g. Membership Committee, Empower Us Team, Catalyst team)
  • Actively engaging with the work of the organisation by participating in annual webinars on governance matters agreed at the GA (to be discussed)

Inclusion International members work together to make inclusion happen. We do this through:

Global Advocacy – Add your voice to promote inclusion. Your issues will be heard by decision makers.

  • As a member, you can influence the work that is done on inclusion at an international level (e.g. participate at UN meetings (CoSP, HLPF), get support developing leadership of self-advocates to advocate at international level, get support with civil society submissions at HLPF, etc.)
  • As a member, you will be a part of influencing the work of international organisations like the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, and United Nations Development Programme (e.g. World Bank’s paper on education, Unicef report)
  • As a member, you will understand what is happening about inclusion around the world (attend our webinars on developing parallel reports, navigating UN when country reporting for CRPD, SDGs, etc.)

Support to Members- Get access to resources, people, and tools to support the work you do at home

  • Members have a say on our programme agenda by deciding on the key issues to work on (e.g. work on country issues that are relevant to our members such as inclusive education, self-advocacy, etc)
  • Members get support from our Catalyst for inclusive education programme (receiving information, support and guidance on inclusive education, participating in study tours, helping reviewing policy legislation, helping conduction research, support with litigation, helping developing plans and strategies, receiving ongoing mentoring)
  • Members get support from our Empower Us programme to advance self-advocacy in their countries (receiving information, support, guidance and training on issues related to self-advocacy, helping self-advocates leadership skills at international level, connecting and sharing with other members also working on self-advocacy, becoming a member of the Empower Us Action team to help others)
  • Members have opportunities to work with other networks and be able to build networks on areas you are interested in, for example, capacity, employment, health, violence,  employment by attending our regional events, webinars, world congresses, etc.

Regional development and issue development- Learn and share with others who are working in your region or with others globally who are working on issues that are important to you

  • Members have access to Inclusion International network’s global and regional knowledge and experience (Global reports, webinars, newsletters, events)
  • Members have a chance to work with other members in your region and globally on issues that are important to you (global and regional events, regional online forums)
  • Members are invited to take part in events, working groups or projects representing Inclusion International
  • Members have the chance to make friends across the world by sharing experiences and good practice

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