Call for tender: Web development, design and maintenance


Inclusion International is the international network of people with intellectual disabilities and their families advocating for the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities worldwide.

We want a to create a new website that reflects the scale and scope of the work we do, is easy to use and is useful to our members. We hope our new website will be more dynamic, modern and user-friendly. We plan to bring our programme micro-sites (Empower Us, Catalyst for Inclusive Education) under our main website while respecting their individual branding and identities. We will not carry the full content of our old website over to the new one, instead we will rewrite the pages and curate the resources we present.


  • Audiovisual: our website will need to support and highlight high-resolution photos, videos, audio and infographics.
  • Multilingualism: our website should have a tight structure with a limited number of subsections to support translation.
  • Accessibility: it is very important to us that our website has clear and consistent navigation menus and is accessible to people with intellectual disabilities.


We have the template of our new menu and a vision of what each page will look like. The main features which require development are:

  1. An interactive map which display our member organisations
  2. A search and filter mechanism for our resources
  3. A calendar of events
  4. News pages categorized by topic, region and type


The deadline for submitting bids is 1st September 2020. Proposals will be reviewed during the first week of September and we would like the selected developers to begin work immediately. We hope to see the finished web design by 1st November 2020 and complete the build by 1st April 2020.

If you are interested in reviewing our web specification and budget, please click the button below to email us at

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