CIE Team Members

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Our Regional Response team links member demand to the Catalyst, connecting members with technical expertise and resources in their work advancing inclusive education.

Regional Response Team

Region: Africa

  • Fatma Wangare (Kenya)
  • Fauzia Haji (Ivory Coast)
  • Jeleel Odoom (Ghana)

Region: Latin America

  • Indiana Fonseca Salgado (Nicaragua)
  • Elena Dal Bó (Argentina)
  • Maria Covadonga Fentanes (Colombia)

Region: Asia Pacific

  • Trish Grant (New Zealand)
  • Mukunda Hari Dahal (Nepal)

Region: Europe

  • Jose Smits (Netherlands)
  • Sonja Uhlmann (Spain)
  • Bernhard Schmid (Austria)

Note: Our Regional Response Team is in development as we add key contacts from across the globe.

Inclusion International Global Team

  • Diane Richler, Chairperson, Catalyst for Inclusive Education
  • Paula Federica Hunt, Senior Technical Consultant, Catalyst for Inclusive Education
  • Ines Escallon, Consultant, Inclusion International
  • Tara Levandier, Program Development Manager, Inclusion International

Expert Advisory Group

Catalyst is inviting representatives of organizations which can offer technical advice to become members of an expert advisory group. Expert Advisors are consulted for advice on strategy and support for country-level initiatives.