Country Initiatives

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Catalyst for Inclusive Education is a global mechanism that brings together people and resources to support and enable Inclusion International member groups to advocate, promote and support inclusive education at a school, community or country level.

In identifying country level initiatives that will be a part our efforts to advance the Catalyst for Inclusive Education, our objective is to achieve: a balanced distribution of countries in terms of geographic regions; countries that can realistically fulfill the targets specified; and, countries that can contribute expertise and innovation to an international community of practice.

Types of Initiatives:

  • Short term Expert Consultations (examples: legal opinion; policy review; one time workshops, trainings)
  • Technical Advisory Support (example: Catalyst provides technical support to an existing initiative run by country level partners)
  • Catalyst Country Initiatives (Multi-year interventions funded and managed through Catalyst)

Initial identification of country-level initiatives for participation in Catalyst will be guided by the following criteria:

  • The family-based organization is a member of Inclusion International or has capacity and timely intention to become a member;
  • The country level member of Inclusion International has a commitment to inclusive education as a priority issue;
  • There are opportunities for the member to work with government and/or other partners to advance inclusive education (a policy commitment; projects in development, etc.); and,
  • Together with Inclusion International, the member is able to leverage funds and/or secure financial support for technical expertise.