Colombia Pilot Initiative in deinstitutionalization

As part of II Global Campaign on Living and Being Included in the Community a number of country level pilot initiatives were developed. One of those was a pilot study to understand institutionalization in Colombia supported by Fundación Saldarriaga Concha. With the collaboration of the Director of the Colombian Institute for Family Wellbeing ICBF( Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar) we examined the huge challenges faced by the government agency in achieving needed transformations.

The initiative in was a first step helping to identify key issues and establishing partnerships which will help to promote strategies and systems changes that will allow children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disability to be part of a family, live in the community and benefit from services and opportunities on an equal basis with their peers without disability.

In the month of March 2013 II will be part of several discussions in Colombia  that acknowledge the need to move forward in the country around issues faced by children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disability and their families in order to move from segregation, marginalization, exclusion  and institutionalization to communities and family life.