Recognizing a United Network in Representative Organizations

The CRPD Committee continues to work on a General Comment on participation and consultation. II President, Sue Swenson and former Inclusion Europe President, Maureen Piggott, along with a delegation of self-advocates from Insieme, participated in a critical meeting to recognize that families of people with intellectual disabilities are part of representative organisations.

II’s delegation highlighted that organisations of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families are a united network working together for inclusion and that a strong self-advocacy voice and family voice complement and reinforce each other. As recognized in our Call to Action, families are a pathway to inclusion. The General Comment is expected to be released at the end of the current CRPD Committee meeting. II will do an analysis of the GC when it is available and share with our members.

Also during the 20th session of the CRPD Committee (27 August – 21 September, 2018), the CRPD Committee reviewed: Algeria, Bulgaria, Malta, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, and, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; developed the list of issues for Iraq; and, lists of issues prior to reporting for Austria, Azerbaijan, Germany, Mongolia and Sweden.