Disability Rights conference reveals barriers to inclusive education

The conference took place on November 23 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

  • Why hasn’t much progress been made in attaining inclusive education?
  • What are the barriers in the African region?
  • Are we learning together?

These were some of the questions raised at this year’s conference.

People with disabilities, family memberss, policy makers, lawyers, scholars and human rights and disability rights activists from 16 countries including Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Zanzibar, India, the US and the UK came together to share ideas and experiences.

They talked about challenges and good practices in achieving inclusive education for all; models of inclusive education; meeting the needs of learners with specific disabilities; curriculum and policy development for inclusive education; capacity-building; implementation strategies; and the role of socialisation, parents and media in achieving inclusive education.

Fatma Wangare, Inclusion Africa Regional Coordinator, was one of the speakers at the Conference. She spoke about the challenges and barriers to inclusive education in the African region.

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