Eastern African Network on Disability Mainstreaming Seminar

The seminar took place in Bagamoyo, Tanzania on May 13 -17 2013.

Shikuku Obosi, Inclusion International’s consultant for Africa, was invited to represent Inclusion Africa as an observer at a seminar on Disability Mainstreaming, Eastern African Network. Light for the World Netherlands organised the seminar for its six partner organizations and founder members of the network from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Rwanda.

The purpose of the seminar was to develop a joint 3-year Strategic Plan for the network, create a quality framework with minimum standards for disability mainstreaming interventions and formulate practical strategies and plans for resource.

Inclusion Africa’s joining the network in the future will help ensure that disability mainstreaming in the East African region is inclusive of the issues of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. It will also enhance the sharing of experiences between Inclusion Africa and other disability organizations in the region and put it in a good stead to access networks, especially in Europe, through the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC).