Fadia Farah – Vice President

My name is Fadia Farah. I am the Vice President of Inclusion International. I was elected 2 years ago at our meeting in Washington DC.

I am a mum of 3, 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl has intellectual disabilities. She has taught me a lot, I try to reflect this at our officers meetings.

I come from Lebanon. I am a member of Inclusion MENA, the group that are working with Inclusion International in my region.

Fadia is the mother of three, including Mia, who was born with an intellectual disability. Since Mia’s birth, Fadia, along with the help of her family, has been dedicated to making sure that her daughter could have the opportunity to live her life as she wishes. In order to do so, Fadia has decided to put her role as a mother first.

She first got involved by listening to the parents of children with intellectual disabilities, trying to find solutions. Together, they started working on inclusive education. This quickly led to the creation of an NGO dedicated to bringing these problems together to work on solutions.

With this early experience in inclusive education, Fadia then went on to work with different local and international NGOs, including the World Bank and the Italian government, among others. She also worked extensively with the Lebanese government in the implementation of inclusive education in different regions of Lebanon.

As the support person of her daughter, she has been dedicated to working on giving a voice to self-advocates. With them, she began the movement of self-advocacy in Lebanon and the Arab world. This has led to her representing persons with disabilities in international meetings, UPR and to create the Lebanese Association for Self-Advocacy.

As a Member of Inclusion International, she is actively involved in various activities of the organization, especially regarding MENA region

She believes that meeting the needs of people with intellectual disabilities will lead to a stronger, more tolerant society and therefore a better future for all of us.