Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe e.V.

BVLebenshilfeLebenshilfe was established in 1958 by affected parents and experts as a charitable association. Today, Lebenshilfe has more than 135.000 members, who are organised in 515 local and district associations all over Germany. Committed to the self-help idea, Lebenshilfe is an independent and charitable association for people with mental disabilities, their families, experts and friends. Lebenshilfe is, on the one hand, the biggest representative of the interests of people with mental disabilities and their families and, on the other hand, offers more than 3.200 services and facilities. The objective of Lebenshilfe is the well-being of people with mental disability and their families. It is committed to ensuring that disabled people can live as normally and independently as possible from childhood to a high age and that they are given the aids and support they need to do so.

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Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe e.V.
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