Inclusion Ghana

The idea of Inclusion Ghana started in 2006 when the first discussions were held between the various Disabled People Organisations in Ghana working with persons with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) to create a platform that unifies the voices of PWIDs and their families. Discussion continued until 25th November, 2009 when Inclusion Ghana (IG) was formally established and duly registered with the Registrar General’s Department. Inclusion Ghana is a coalition of NGOs with extensive experience working with and for persons with intellectual disabilities through a rights-based approach that allows PWIDs and their families demand as a ‘right’ the basic conditions that allow them to live in dignity. Presently, there are 15 member organisations and 25 parents self help groups spread across 8 regions in Ghana. IG is governed by a constitution and composed of a 7 member board, two of whom are a person with intellectual disability and a parent of a person with intellectual disability.

The PWID board member allows IG to get to the heart of matters concerning PWIDs and address them with the most appropriate solutions. Recently at IG’s annual general meeting, some motions put forward and approved were that: the board is increased from the current 7 number to 9. Also the board chairperson position is reserved exclusively for a parent of PWID or a PWID unless no parent of a PWID or PWID is nominated for the position. Additionally not less than three parents of PWID and a PWID will be on the board.

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