Guidelines for hosting Inclusion International’s World Congress 2018

These Guidelines set out general information for members of Inclusion International wishing to prepare a bid to host a World Congress of Inclusion International (during which a meeting of the General Assembly will be held).

Hosting Rights

  • All member countries of Inclusion International are eligible to register an application (expression of interest) to host a World Congress and a meeting of the Assembly.


  • A Congress can be attended by up to 1,500 people from over 50 countries.


  • The host of an Assembly and Congress is responsible for meeting the costs of the following:
    • All expenses incurred in hosting and organizing the Assembly & Congress including venue hire, technical supplies, translation equipment (if any), etc.
    • The travel and accommodation costs and disbursements of the APC including the ex-officio members.
      Note: The intention is to make a marginal financial return.  Inclusion International will not cover any losses, but does not set an expected profit margin as this depends on local sponsorship, resources and commitments. Any financial surpluses remaining after those commitments will be retained by the Assembly hosts.
    • The registration, travel, accommodation and other incidental costs are all met by the individual member countries and other delegates attending the Congress.
    • All costs of the Inclusion International Councillors attending the Congress are met by Inclusion International.

Selection of Assembly/Congress Host

  • The selection of an Congress host will be made by the Council of Inclusion International on the recommendation of the Administration Committee.
  • The Council’s decision will be conveyed to all applicants within three months of the applications closing. In making their decision, the Council may request applicants to present their bid at a meeting of the Council or Administration Committee.
  • The Council’s decision will be final.
  • In deciding the Congress host, the Council will take into consideration the practical implications such as the accessibility of an Congress host and the travel and accommodation costs that will be incurred by its members in attending the meeting. The Assembly cannot convene without a quorum so to ensure sufficient delegates attend the meeting it is important that the hosting country is reasonably accessible to member countries.
  • In evaluating the application, the Council will also take the following areas into consideration:
    • The nature of the proposed conference to be held
    • The mechanisms the host has in place to support people from developing countries to attend.
    • Political climate of the country.
    • Alignment with core values of Inclusion International.
    • Timing of the Congress – month/season preferred.
    • Venue and other amenities suitability.
    • Potential media publicity generated internationally by the Assembly.
    • Availability of supporting information and data relating to other previous meetings or conferences hosted.
    • Other key factors surrounding the Congress that will have a positive effect on Inclusion International – knowledge transfer, cultural or other spin-offs.

Accessibility & Equipment

  • The host will be responsible for all physical arrangements and services necessary to support the Congress.  This will include accessibility for people in wheelchairs at Congress venues, availability of all technical supplies as required such as videos, data projection, overhead projectors, etc.

Translation Services

  • The host will be responsible for providing simultaneous and consecutive translations at all sessions.  The number of languages and interpreters will be decided by the APC, but must include the four official languages English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Publicity and solicitation for registration (e.g. through the flyers, the use of Internet and a preliminary programme which must be multilingual) and the registration form and confirmation must meet international standards.

Assembly Planning Committee (APC)

  • An Assembly/Congress Planning Committee (APC) will be appointed by the President of Inclusion International and will be supported by the Assembly/Congress host.
  • The President, Secretary General and Treasurer of Inclusion International will be ex-officio members of the APC.
  • The APC is responsible for planning and organising the Congress.  This includes managing all registration requirements, services, physical arrangements and social events necessary to support the Assembly.
  • Assembly/Congress hosts must provide:
    • A Plan and Financial Budget for hosting the Congress.
    • Regular information and progress reports to the secretariat of Inclusion International for the period of Congress organization.
    • A final report and audited accounts within three months of the Congress closing.
    • Facilities to display various materials and publications.

Applications to Host a Congress

  • Any member country wishing to host Congress must complete an Application Form
  • A Memorandum of Understanding between Inclusion International and the successful Assembly/Congress host will be negotiated.