Highlights from Catalyst for Inclusive Education

Since our launch in October 2016, Catalyst for Inclusive Education has been mobilizing our global networks and technical expertise to build a global knowledge network for inclusive education. Recent highlights include:

  • Catalyst global team members participated in UNICEF’s Accessible Digital Textbooks workshop in Washington, DC.
  • Review and support for the 2017/18 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, Accountability in education: meeting our commitmentsThe GEM report substantiates Inclusion International’s analysis that reducing the education process to academic measurable outcomes forfeits the central tenet of education as a basic human right and a means of realizing all other human rights.
  • Diane Richler, Catalyst Chairperson, presented to the Global Partners for Education (GPE) on “Attaining SDG Goal 4: Promoting Inclusion and Achieving Quality”. This presentation will be available shortly on the Catalyst website under Resources.
  • The Catalyst global team and Latin America Regional Response Team is working with the Universidad Atonoma de Madrid to develop an eight session webinar series to build knowledge about inclusive education. The webinars will be be piloted in Latin America in early 2018.

For more information on Catalyst for Inclusive Education, visit : www.catalystforeducation.com