II Regional Event in Argentina

Making it Work! The Right to Decide: Action, Leadership & Meaningful Lives!

JOIN US! The time to begin taking action and for self-advocates, families, communities and those providing support to take action is now.

Inclusion International (II) and Inclusión Interamericana (IIA) with the support of Fundación Tigre para la Inclusión will be organizing the Regional Meeting in Tigre Argentina May 21, 2015.

This one day meeting will bring together people with intellectual disability, family members, professionals, government officials and civil society organizations to discuss the challenges and opportunities in creating autonomy and self-determination in the lives of people with disabilities through the interdependence that comes from a fully inclusive life in community.  Understanding community benefits greatly from the inclusion of citizens with intellectual disabilities this event will contribute to joint strategies and actions in creating welcoming communities where individuals with
intellectual disabilities are valued.

From the 22 to the 23 Klaus Lachwitz II president, Vanessa Dos Santos II Officer member, Raquel Jelinek president of IIA, Luis Gabriel Villareal II council representative from the Americas, II Regional coordinator Inés E. de Escallón,  II members ASDOWN, Asociación Azul, ASNIC and allies as the Alberta Association for Community Living with Bruce Udistky and Anne Hughson will also be participating in the VII Congreso Argentino de Síndrome de Down.

The Right to Decide: ¡Action, Leadership & Meaningful Lives!, discussions will build strategies to support the right of individuals with intellectual disabilities to exercise their voice in the pursuit it of an inclusive life.  It is only in the context of an inclusive life that the Right to Decide can be truly realized.

As the framework Inclusion International (II) will introduce Independent But Not Alone: II Global Report on the Right to Decide. A culmination of a two year international dialogue on Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the report presents the perspective of people with intellectual disabilities and their families on the right to decide. Over 600 persons with intellectual disabilities, family members, disability advocates, and professionals contributed to the development of the report, as well as more than 80 organizations from more than 40 countries worldwide.

‘The right to make decisions and have control in one’s life (as articulated in Article 12 of the UN
CRPD) is fundamental to all of the rights outlined in the Convention. Without respect for and
strategies to support this right we cannot hope to achieve real inclusion in our communities.  For families, finding ways to support their family members to express their opinions and make
decisions is a critical factor in planning for the future and ensuring that their family members are included in the community.”

Find out more about the event at the VII Congreso Argentino de Síndrome de Down website (in spanish)