In focus: Mencap, UK

Interview with Janine Tregelles, Chief Executive and Harry Roche, Executive Support Assistant of Mencap, UK

In 1946, Judy Fryd, after her child was asked to leave school, published a letter which prompted the response of other parents of children with intellectual disabilities who were angry at the lack of support and services available for their children. Ever since Mencap, together with families and people with intellectuals, has been fighting for equality and inclusion in society.

Mencap now employs over 7000 staff, providing support to people with intellectual disabilities across the UK – their services include employment and education support, respite care, supported living and support to people to be part of their communities. They continually challenge prejudice and inequality by lobbying Government to change policies and laws so that people with intellectual disabilities can have more choice and control in their lives.

Over the next few years, Mencap is prioritising healthcare, early intervention and improving service provision. But their biggest challenge continues to be, 70 years on, changing people’s attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities.

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