Inclusion Days conference- Berlin

Report by President Klaus Lachwitz.

I had the great honour to be one of the main speakers at the international Conference: “Inclusion Days” held in Berlin on Dec.4 -5, 2017 organized by the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with 700 participants from 37 countries. The Conference was opened by the Minister Ms. Barley, followed by Ms. Yetnebersh Nigussi from Ethopia, a lawyer who won the Alternative Nobel Prince about 2 weeks ago in Stockholm. She welcomed Inclusion International and our work in Africa and talked about the importance of  Human Rights from the perspective of people living in rural  areas. I was asked to follow her and my topic was: “Selbsthilfeorganisationen-Motoren der Inklusion?”  (Which means: “Organisations representing persons with disabilities-Vehicles for Inclusion?”). In fact I was asked to describe the roles and functions of German DPOs, II, IDA and EDF with regard to Inclusion and participation as described in the CRPD.  Theresia Degener, chair of the UN – CRPD was one of the speakers, she described the work and activities of the Committee and announcement that the Committee will adopt a General Comment on Art. 5 CRPD (Equality and Non – Discrimination) and is planning a General Comment on Art. 4 para. 3 CRPD: The right to participate in political and legal decision making.

In the afternoon I was asked to take part in a Round – Table discussion on the right to participate and I had th chance to talk, among other things, the work of our Empower Us.