Inclusion International Global Report on Living and Being Included in the Community

global-report on Living and being included in the communityIn October 2012, Inclusion International (II) released a Global Report on Article 19, Living and Being Included in the Community, Inclusive Communities = Stronger Communities. The report came out of a two-year global campaign.

How the research was carried out

During the campaign, II heard from people with intellectual disabilities and their families about what living and being included in the community means to them. II received contributions from thousands of people in over 95 countries; country profiles from 41 countries; individual stories from 36 countries and input from focus groups in 23 countries and 5 regional forums.

What people with intellectual disabilities and families said

People with intellectual disabilities and families told us that living and being included in the community is about: Choice; Support and Community Inclusion.

Inclusive Communities = Stronger Communities documents that:

  • most people with intellectual disabilities live at home and do not have choice in where they live.
  • the major source of support and care which people with intellectual disabilities receive is from their families
  • individuals and their families do not get the support they need and for the most part, community systems continue to exclude people with disabilities.

How to build inclusive communities

The report highlights that transforming communities to be inclusive and ensuring that people with disabilities are included in mainstream programmes are essential for securing the rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

To build inclusive communities we need to change how we support people with intellectual disabilities. This includes:

  • Moving from segregated models (i.e. employment, housing, education) to community based models that enable individuals to access systems and supports in the community.
  • Building and supporting self-advocacy groups.
  • Developing family resource and training programmes and assist families to build and sustain natural supports in the community.
  • Securing budget allocation for disability supports and inclusion in mainstream budgets.

Inclusive communities are better for all

The report demonstrates that inclusive communities are better communities for all.