Inclusion International joins IDDC


Inclusion International accepted as the 28th Member of the International Disability and Development Consortium

At the General Assembly in Dublin last month Inclusion International was accepted as the 28th member organisation of the International Disability Development Consortium (IDDC).  The IDDC acts as a vehicle for its member organisations to express their shared beliefs and principles and shape these into a strong voice in the disability and development field.

IDDC’s work is primarily led by the Task Groups where members collaborate to exchange views and ideas, and agree upon common strategies and positions.  For Inclusion International and its members working with the IDDC is important both because of the IDDC working groups and their contribution to development policy and practice globally and because the member organisations of IDDC are important partners working with our members at a country level.

As the Sustainable Development Goals pledge to Leave No One Behind, our collective challenge is to not only that people with intellectual disabilities are included in development programming and policy, but that the approach taken builds economic and social inclusion for all in communities.  Partnerships with IDDC and its members will help us to build opportunities for inclusive development.

We are interested to hear about partnerships and projects that Inclusion International members already have with IDDC members. If you are working at country level with one of these organizations please share some information with us about the initiative.