Inclusion International Profiles Self-Advocacy and Right to Decide at Pacific Rim Disability Conference

Inclusion International (II) participated at the Pacific Rim Disability Conference, May 18 – 19, 2015. The conference had over 800 participants and 200 sessions. II co-sponsored the Self-Advocacy Leadership Institute. With support from Kory Earle, the President of People First of Canada, II’s affiliate member in Canada, II facilitated a discussion at the Self-Advocacy Leadership Institute on self-advocacy.

Additionally, with support from II Council member Nagase Osamu and from Kory Earle, II delivered a conference session, Independent but Not Alone, focused on II’s global report on the right to decide and the need to invest in self-advocacy.  The session profiled the findings of our global report; identified issues for individuals, families and organizations in supporting people with intellectual disabilities to realize their right to decide; and, highlighted the key messages from of II’s global dialogues on building and sustaining self-advocacy.