Inclusion International takes action on family leadership!


Inclusion International was started by families. Families and people with intellectual disabilities are the heart of our movement.

In 2018, our members agreed we are a united network of families and persons with intellectual disabilities working for inclusion.

In June 2018 we agreed to: “explore options around family leadership that supports and strengthens advocacy for inclusion.”

What we mean by ‘Families’

Families are two or more people in a committed relationship. This may mean they are blood related, adopted, came together by marriage or by choice. When we say ‘Families’, this includes the person with an intellectual disability and their parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family members.

Families Taking Action for Inclusion

In December 2020 Inclusion International will launch a new programme called Families Taking Action for Inclusion. This programme aims to support family members to build inclusive lives and understand their supports, services and rights.

The programme will be led by families and build on the work of our organisation so far.

It will offer:

  • Training programmes and workshops
  • Sharing of resources and advocacy strategies

The work we have done so far:

We have established a Task Team of global family leaders to help build an outline for the programme.

We have also been connecting with families through:

  • Conference sessions about issues important to families
  • Talks about Family Leadership
    • 2014 International Family Leadership Summit (unfortunately the 2014 World Congress and this Summit were cancelled due to security concerns)
    • 2016 Leaders for Change: The Need for Family Leadership (General Assembly, Orlando Florida, USA)
    • 2018 Family Voices for Inclusion Summit (World Congress, Birmingham, UK)
  • Consultations with Families (In 2019, we hosted 8: Bangladesh, Namibia, Trinidad/Tobago, Nigeria, Uganda, Mauritius, Israel)
  • Family Leadership working meetings (Madrid, 2018)
  • Ongoing discussions with members and our global network.

What we have learned

Families have told us they need:

  1. Support to build a Vision for Inclusion
  2. Information about Human Rights/Global Initiatives
  3. Knowledge on building self-advocacy
  4. Chances to talk with other families
  5. Skills and Tools to do advocacy

Global Virtual Summit

We will host a Virtual Summit on the Families Taking Action for Inclusion Programme on December 8th in two different timezones.

This event will celebrate how far we have come with the support of families over the last 60 years. During this summit we will launch the new programme.

Join family leaders from around the world to talk about inspiring a vision for inclusion; a vision that clearly identifies a family member’s rightful place in the world. Be part of a global gathering of families committed in our pursuit of an inclusive life and be part of creating social change around the world. Come celebrate families and our vision for inclusion!

Register Here for 8am EST Register Here for 8pm EST