Inclusion International at the U.N. Escap working group session

4th session of the Working Group on the Asian and Pacific Decade of Persons with Disabilities.

Report by David Corner

It was a privilege to be representing inclusion International  at the U.N. Escap working  group session. It was  really  important  to be there and be included  in discussions  as no other groups or people were  representing people with an intellectual  disability.

There  were some people  from the  pacific islands disability forum  that I met  when  I was involved  with helping  with the Bridge  Training module  in Fiji in 2013  representing Inclusion International.

The  two working  group  session  went well  and I was  able to contribute  to the session along  with Trish who made several contributions. There  were  some  interesting  topics  that  would  be good  to share  with Inclusion  International. Regarding  Air Travel  and people  with disabilities  who use  mobility devices  and communication devices regarding  the Batteries  in terms  of Aircraft Safety.  It also  raised the issue  regarding  people’s  support  needs  when  booking and travelling  on air lines  and ensuring  that  the airline  staff are clear  about  what support  people require .

There  was also a representive  from  a group called  Daisy,  an assistive technology development organization. It works to make  information  accessible  for people  with disability  in different  formats and their website  looks  quite  interesting  and could  be of value  for people  with intellectual disabilities who want  to  have  information  in a format  that is  accessible  and in a format  that  suits them.