Submission to the UN Committee on the Draft General Comment on Article 19

On April 25th, 2017 the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities issued its Draft General Comment on Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Article 19, the right to live independently and be included in the community, is one of the key priority issues for our members. The General Comment is an important interpretation of the rights contained within the CRPD, and provides guidance and recommendations to States parties on the implementation of those rights.

Inclusion International and our members in different regions of the world have expressed deep concern about the reference in Paragraph 47 of the Draft General Comment: “the right to decide where, how and with whom to reside also embraces the decision to live in institutional care settings”. Paragraph 47 is made further alarming in the Easy to Read version of the Draft General Comment, which states: “Persons with disabilities can decide to live in institutions if they want but countries do not have to provide institutions.Inclusion International has made its submission to the UN Committee to offer edits and improvements to the Draft General Comment. We are hopeful that the Committee will make a strong comment to States parties against the institutionalization of persons with disabilities. Read Inclusion International’s submission here.

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Say No to Institutions: We know that institutions in any form is prohibited by the CRPD and directly contradicts the goals and general principles of Convention. People with intellectual disabilities and their families have been clear that inclusion is a pre-requisite of self-directed lives. An institution represents an approach that denies choice, denies opportunity; congregates, segregates and isolates people. One cannot have real choice without inclusion. Please help us reach 1,000 signatures by signing the petition and promoting it widely to your networks.

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