Inclusion Japan’s Testimony on CRPD

By Nagase Osamu

Ms. Kubo Atsuko (4)On 28 November, Ms. Kubo Atsuko, President of Inclusion Japan, made a testimony at the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee of the House of Councillors (upper house), strongly supporting the speedy ratification of the CRPD.  Disability rights movement in Japan, including Inclusion Japan, prevented the government from the ratification in March 2009, when the government tried to ratify without significant harmonization.  With the passage of the act on disability elimination in June 2013, prohibiting disability discrimination and mandating reasonable accommodation, the disability community in Japan is now encouraging the parliament and the government to ratify the CRPD within the current extraordinary session of the Diet (parliament) ending on 6 December 2013

Ms. Kubo, in her statement, referred to the participation of self-advocates and family members in the elaboration of the CRPD, as representatives of Inclusion International, as well as remaining challenges including legal capacity and guardianship, inclusive education, community living, art and cultural life, among others.  Ms. Kubo also referred to the participation of parents and supporters from China and Korea in the national forum of Inclusion Japan in October and encouraged the committee members to approve the ratification of the CRPD urgently.