Paraguay and Peru scoping missions

Organization: Fundación Saraki
Fundación Saraki requested 2 days of technical support from Catalyst for their initiative “Developing an Inclusive Education Model in Paraguay”.
Catalyst undertook an analysis of the current landscape of education in Paraguay as well as the various stakeholders and key actors involved. This month, members of the global and regional teams travelled to Paraguay for a scoping mission. A scoping mission is an analysis that helps Catalyst determine how we can best support our member to make change. As part of our scoping missions, Catalyst makes recommendations to the member on how to move forward and who should be involved.
The Paraguay scoping mission included meetings with stakeholders and key actors, school visits, and a feedback session on the final day with Catalyst’s preliminary recommendations. With Saraki, the Catalyst team also undertook a variety of school visits (public and private
schools, regular and special schools), met with parents, and attended a workshop that featured Saraki’s education initiative. Catalyst will continue to work with Fundación Saraki on the development of a plan that i cludes measurable indicators of success as Paraguay moves forward in transforming their education system.

Organization: Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome de Down (SPSD)

Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome de Down (SPSD) requested 4 days of technical support from Catalyst, to support their efforts to strengthen the Ministry of Education in the implementation of inclusive education in Peru’s national education system, through technical support and training for decision makers in education policy and directors of inclusive education institutions at the national, regional, and local levels. The Peru scoping mission included technical expert participation in a national training conference for directors and policymakers and principals and teachers organized by the Ministry, technical support to families organized by SPSD, and technical support to private school educators organized by SPSD.
At the Ministry conference, members of the Catalyst global and regional teams took part in plenary and panel discussions on topics such as: the CRPD, General Comment 4, and the SDG as a frame to inclusive education; the role of directors, school principals and teachers; and, recognizing the value of communities and the links between education and employment for people with disability. The Ministry in Peru is aiming to develop an Education Policy in Inclusive Education by the end of the year, and are committed to developing a common understanding and basic knowledge around inclusive education. Catalyst will continue to support SPSD to facilitate conversations around challenges, strengths and possibilities of working
with civil society, universities, and researchers in the field of education to improve the quality of the education policy to come, and to support the Ministry by providing additional technical support.

Organization: Asdown
Catalyst received a request from Asdown in Colombia, who is working with their government to develop new legislation on inclusive education and wanted Catalyst to advise on the draft. Regional Response team members who were able to read and respond in Spanish contributed to the analysis with the Catalyst global team. Asdown used the Catalyst analysis and recommendations in meetings with the Ministry as well as with INGO staff working on the ground.