Inclusion International expresses sympathies to the victims of Japan attack

On behalf of the worldwide community of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, Inclusion International extends its deepest sympathies to the families, friends and community of the victims of the horrific attack in Japan.  It is with great sadness that we mark the loss of 19 people who were killed in the attack on a residential care facility in Sagamihara.  Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and many others who were injured.

Throughout history people with intellectual disabilities have been the target of hate crimes and other acts of violence in every part of the world.   The attacker targeted innocent people who lived in the institution, people who had lives, families and value. We continue to be committed as global network to ensuring that the people with disabilities are valued and included in our communities.  “We should be able to learn more from this horrible tragedy by knowing more about each individual. By doing so, we should be able to value each and every life.  In order to listen to the voices of those lost, I wish to know more about them.” wrote Nagase Osamu, Inclusion International Council member who lives in the Prefecture where the murders took place.

To show the families of the victims that we mourn their loss and that the lives of people with intellectual disabilities matter, we invite our members to send us your messages of condolences either on our facebook page, on twitter or by email.  We will collect and share these message with Inclusion Japan and the families of the victims.

“We are horrified by the barbaric act against these innocent persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities. The worldwide intellectual disability community extends its sympathies to those individuals and families at this terrible time. Let us come together to remember the victims as valued citizens of the world. Let us continue to fight for a society which gives persons with intellectual disabilities equal rights to live their lives as they choose.” Klaus Lachwitz, President, Inclusion International

Inclusion Japan have released this statement about the attack and have given this message to persons with disabilities.