Jeleel Odoom – Regional Representative for Africa

jeleel-headshotAuberon Jeleel Odoom is a Registered Organisation Development Practitioner with the International Society for Organisation Development and Change (USA). He is also a trained development practitioner, working with Inclusion Ghana as the National Co-ordinator. He has significant knowledge and experience in Training for Impact Approaches, Management for Development Results (MfDR) Planning, Organizational Assessments, Emotional Intelligence Training, Research, Strategic Planning, Policy Influencing, and Setting up Monitoring & Evaluation Systems. He is a webmaster (New Jersey Institute of Technology), and has certification in Java Programming (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Jeleel is currently the board secretaries of the Autism Society of West Africa, the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations, and the Ghana Civil Society Platform for Social Protection. He is also a member of the board for Inclusion Africa.

Jeleel believes that underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we are people, connected and interdependent. When we reach out a hand to one person with intellectual disability, we influence the condition of all. Together, let’s inspire hope and create opportunities for a better tomorrow for persons with intellectual disabilities.