Making the SDGs inclusive

Regional Preparatory Meetings

A series of regional preparatory meetings are being held by the United Nations on the Sustainable Development Goals. Our council member, David Corner, participated and presented at the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development in Bangkok. The purpose of the meeting was to follow up and review the implementation of the 2030 Development Goals for the Asia and Pacific Region.

David, the only person with an intellectual disability in attendance, urged states parties to ensure people with intellectual disabilities and their families are included through the SDG process and helped to raise awareness about the need for information to be provided in plain language.

David also highlighted that the SDGs cannot be considered one goal at a time. They are all connected. In one of his presentations, he remarked:

To achieve Sustainable Development Goal 1 – no poverty – all other goals must be achieved. It is critical that we ensure that people with intellectual disabilities and their families have the services and social protections needed to have healthy lives, to live, learn, work, participate, contribute and be included in their communities…Not only should no one be left behind in achieving the SDGs – no goal should be left behind…If we are going to reduce inequality people with intellectual disability have to have equal access to opportunities and have the right support and services in inclusive education, in work and, to enable them to participate and contribute in their communities so they are not isolated”

Upcoming regional meetings:

  • ECE: 25 April 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
  • ECLAC: 26 – 28 April 2017, Mexico City, Mexico
  • ESCWA: 3 May – 5 May 2017 Rabat, Morocco
  • ECA: 16 – 19 May 2017, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia